Update: New Updated Bonnymede Mudslide Photos and Report

Now that Bonnymede and Montecito Shores is fully accessible, I would like to update those of you who are not yet able to visit in person.

Quite a bit of progress has been made in the clean up of Bonnymede, but a lot of work is yet to be done and unfortunately, the entire Bonnymede complex is still quite a muddy mess. However, it appears that all of the units are accessible, as paths have been made through the mud to all of the front doors. It further appears that all of the units have been reviewed by authorities for mud/water intrusion: different colored postings indicate if the units are “Inspected – No Restriction on Use or Occupancy,” “Restricted Use,” or “Unsafe – Do Not Enter or Occupy.” Happily, the vast majority of the units have the green “Inspected – No Restriction on Use or Occupancy” notices. I only saw one “Unsafe” posting, but I did not check throughout the complex to see if there are others. Please let me know if you would like me to check on the status of a particular unit and I will be happy to do so for you.

All of the Bonnymede subterranean garages are still impacted by significant mud/water. The cars that were stored in Complexes M, B North and B South appear totaled, with some having an amazing amount of denting/crushing damage. I think those in Complexes C and N should be fine as the mud didn’t look that deep in those; I didn’t check the garages for Complex O to see how the cars within it fared.

As in my initial posting about the mudslide, in the photos below I have labeled some of the units, not because they have more damage or especially caught my eye, but only as points of reference for all the owners. I apologize if doing so is upsetting to the owners of those specific units.

Please let me know if you would like me to check on any particular unit or if I can be of any assistance to you.

Thank you,