Update 2: New Updated Bonnymede Mudslide Photos and Report

Dramatic progress has been made on the Plaza de Sonadores side of Bonnymede, to the extent that walkways are currently in the process of being swept clean and power washed. On that side of the complex, there are no piles of mud yet to be cleared, although there is still work being done in the subterranean personal garages of Complex M. At this point, once the landscaping/grass is attended to, things will look pretty much back to normal.

Not so yet on the Plaza Pacifica side, where mud is still in large piles, including along the main road into the complex. All of the subterranean garages appear to have been cleared of debris, but there is still some mud/dirt there too. There is quite a substantial work force of backhoes, bobcats and other heavy equipment in use, so it appears things are moving along at full speed to complete the recovery as soon as possible. But at this point, there is just so much dirt in the air, and loud machine at work, that living in there would not be too pleasant just yet.

Please let me know if you would like me to check on any particular unit or if you have any questions I can address.

My best,